Kayco lnternacional Group, sign consultant’s offices of family the ex- Chilean Squash champion Marcelo Kaplún, gave Hit with new product know uses in States Or Europe: A great real state consists selling buildings whit contracts of long time rent .

This modality aims to advantage several present factors in local market: investors with liquidity who look opportunities to obtain easy rent and foreign companies that policies of matrices they must sell his properties to make profitable resources.

Between its more important operations they are managements for sale of seven floors Von Appen group the one installed its corporative managements in Citibank tower, in the 500 of Forest stret between several industralists and financial institutions: a floor would have bought Isaac Hites; four floors were Juan Pablo Diaz Cumsille societies, shareholder CorpBanca, and another Banchile.

They took offices Ahumada drugstore to Centenario Tower; This center is one modern buildings, but rose when the traditional companies were emigrating that zone, to their owners, Moller and Perez Cotapos constructor , has cost them to sell it. But now that contract of long term renting, several supplies have arrived them..

The Kaplún also renting Polpaico´s building in Renca, with purchase promise, so new Laboratory of Criminology of Investigacion settled. The old caught fire the 2 of March and operative to 16-06, anticipated for Penal Reformation

The Polpaico owner, Swiss multinational Holcim wants to sell the properties, because there bussiniess is to manufacture coment, and not to have properties for rent.

But easy that seems this business, is´t to arrive. Is necessary count network of contacts to cross data key of supply demand in this moment.

And Kayco would in the table different owners of real estate and lands by U.S.$ 40 million.

Font: El Mercurio, Chily


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