The services that KAYCO INTERNACIONAL GROUP offers are:

* Real estate issues: We look up special locations with special prices, applying the Real-estate engineering for purchase, sale or lease off all kinds of properties.
* Identification of opportunities of sure investments and of high profitability both in Chile and in the exterior.
* Seminars of leadership and training.
* Corfo consultants for the Program of Technological Investments. (Hitech).
* Installation of subsidiaries or representations of foreign companies, including the contracting of the personnel and the design of the administrative suitable systems.
* International Trade, contacting importers and exporters with the rest of the world.
* Search of stock participation in “Joint-ventures”.
* Design of investment projects.
* Credits: we advice our clients so they can get credits from international organizations or financial private institutions.
* National and international “marketing”.
* Restructuring of financings.
* General mandates to supervise and to control business and investments in Chile or in the exterior.
* Advising in E-Business.
* Advising in logistics for companies.
In case of not possessing, in immediate form, a series of specific services, already be by means of his associates or external consultants, KAYCO INTERNATIONAL GROUP is in conditions to guarantee top-level subcontracting.


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